S. Nicky Mitchell, P.A. - Attorney at Law
Welcome to the Law Offices of
S. Nicky Mitchell
     The Law Offices of S. Nicky Mitchell has served the greater South Florida area since 1998.  A skilled and experienced lawyer, Ms. Mitchell handles a wide array of legal matters.  She prides herself on the ability to offer you personal and individualized legal service designed to fit your particular situation.  She recognizes and is sensitive to the fact that many of clients are dealing with sensitive issues and situations, such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, or the stress of battling an unpleasant and costly lawsuit, among other factors.   
    The Law Office of S. Nicky Mitchell is committed to providing competent and professional legal service, while treating clients with the utmost dignity and respect.  Ms. Mitchell provides the highest level of personal attention to the details of her client's cases. She garners a relationship of trust and confidence with her clients.
     Please browse this site or contact Ms. Mitchell directly to learn more about the firm. She will be happy to discuss your particular needs, and work with you to evaluate how she can be of service to you and your legal needs.
Areas of Practice
The Law Offices of S. Nicky Mitchell represents clients in the areas of:
  • Real Estate
  • Wills, Trust & Probate
  • Family Law matters
  • Corporate/Contracts
  • Personal Injury